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A well-oiled machine.
Your car can’t perform right unless every part is working like it should. It’s the same at Pep Boys. We help customers in many ways, with all kinds of car care solutions. And we can’t give them our best or earn their trust unless every member of the crew is putting customers first.

Is Pep Boys the place for you? Let’s take a look under the hood to find out more about our culture and how we work. See if Pep Boys is your kind of team.

We keep rolling under pressure. No matter how difficult a challenge or how fast the pace, we work together to deliver the best customer experiences. If someone can’t take the pressure or comes out feeling “flat,” we won’t get where we’re going. And customers will let us know we haven’t met or exceeded their expectations. That’s why we’re stable and loyal—it’s just how we’re built. How are you built?

It takes a lot of energy to solve customers’ problems with enthusiasm day after day. For some people, working on their car is a relaxing diversion for a day off. That’s great. But for Pep Boys, solving problems for people is our purpose and passion. And we never quit until it’s fixed. Do you?

Sometimes it’s all about knowing what not to do. When should you ask for help? Or advise a customer not to go through with something? And even though we do all we can to meet customers’ needs, when is going the extra mile a little too far? A smart crew member knows how to balance enthusiasm with judgment. And when customers see that, they know they’ve found someone they can trust. Are you someone like that?

Sometimes it takes all your perseverance and creativity just to find one way of getting the job done. Other times there are several ways to get there, but one is usually the best. Either way, you’re always encountering new challenges. Smart crew members use what they already know to deliver for our customers every day. Are you built this way?

It’s not enough for everyone to keep moving. Like pistons in an engine, you have to work together in a well-tuned rhythm if you want to serve our customers right. Lone wolves sometimes make great mechanics, but the Pep Crew is for team players. We work together to succeed together. Does that sound like you?

Oil is the lifeblood of your engine—it keeps the pistons moving smoothly and protects against wear and tear. But the same old oil won’t keep you running forever. You’ve got to change it to keep things fresh. That’s the key to a long journey at Pep Boys, too. Keep learning new things. Let yourself be coachable. Accept guidance and growth as part of the trip, and you’ll last a lot of miles. Is that you?

When you’re behind the wheel, you keep your eyes on the road so you can be ready for what’s coming. The same thing happens on the job. Satisfying customer needs and concerns starts with seeing them clearly. That’s why we say that we don’t sell, we solve. Does that sound like you?

Comfortable seats and creature comforts have nothing to do with how a car runs, but they have everything to do with how much you enjoy driving it. We’re in the service business. Making sure our customers are comfortable, catered to, and confident that we’ve done right by them is one of the most important things we can do. Putting the customer first puts us in first place. Who do you put first?

It takes all these parts and more to engineer a well-oiled machine. When you read these descriptions, do you see yourself fitting in at Pep Boys? Is that how you’re built?