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A well-oiled machine.
Your car can’t perform right unless every part is working like it should. It’s the same at Pep Boys. We help customers in many ways, with all kinds of car care solutions. And we can’t give them our best or earn their trust unless every member of the crew is putting customers first.

Is Pep Boys the place for you? Let’s take a look under the hood to find out more about our culture and how we work. See if Pep Boys is your kind of team.

We keep rolling under pressure. No matter how difficult a challenge or how fast the pace, we work together to deliver the best customer experiences. If someone can’t take the pressure or comes out feeling “flat,” we won’t get where we’re going. And customers will let us know we haven’t met or exceeded their expectations. That’s why we’re stable and loyal—it’s just how we’re built. How are you built?

It takes a lot of energy to solve customers’ problems with enthusiasm day after day. For some people, working on their car is a relaxing diversion for a day off. That’s great. But for Pep Boys, solving problems for people is our purpose and passion. And we never quit until it’s fixed. Do you?

Sometimes it’s all about knowing what not to do. When should you ask for help? Or advise a customer not to go through with something? And even though we do all we can to meet customers’ needs, when is going the extra mile a little too far? A smart crew member knows how to balance enthusiasm with judgment. And when customers see that, they know they’ve found someone they can trust. Are you someone like that?

Sometimes it takes all your perseverance and creativity just to find one way of getting the job done. Other times there are several ways to get there, but one is usually the best. Either way, you’re always encountering new challenges. Smart crew members use what they already know to deliver for our customers every day. Are you built this way?

It’s not enough for everyone to keep moving. Like pistons in an engine, you have to work together in a well-tuned rhythm if you want to serve our customers right. Lone wolves sometimes make great mechanics, but the Pep Crew is for team players. We work together to succeed together. Does that sound like you?

Oil is the lifeblood of your engine—it keeps the pistons moving smoothly and protects against wear and tear. But the same old oil won’t keep you running forever. You’ve got to change it to keep things fresh. That’s the key to a long journey at Pep Boys, too. Keep learning new things. Let yourself be coachable. Accept guidance and growth as part of the trip, and you’ll last a lot of miles. Is that you?

When you’re behind the wheel, you keep your eyes on the road so you can be ready for what’s coming. The same thing happens on the job. Satisfying customer needs and concerns starts with seeing them clearly. That’s why we say that we don’t sell, we solve. Does that sound like you?

Comfortable seats and creature comforts have nothing to do with how a car runs, but they have everything to do with how much you enjoy driving it. We’re in the service business. Making sure our customers are comfortable, catered to, and confident that we’ve done right by them is one of the most important things we can do. Putting the customer first puts us in first place. Who do you put first?

It takes all these parts and more to engineer a well-oiled machine. When you read these descriptions, do you see yourself fitting in at Pep Boys? Is that how you’re built?

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What’s the Best Thing About Pep Boys?

It depends who you ask. There are lots of different roles to play at Pep Boys, and lots of personal, individual reasons why different people feel at home here. To see what we mean, take a look at what these crew members have to say.

“In my new position as a commercial account manager, every day is about doing the right thing for our customers. I recently helped someone get back on the road. It was after hours at 7 p.m., and I was already home when my customer called me and said he needed a heater core that only we have, but our delivery drivers had left for the day. He needed the part that day. So, I went back to the store and picked up the part and took it to the customer as soon as possible. He was very appreciative and surprised that I personally picked up the part and delivered it after hours. Since then, he has had a different point of view of what true customer service means. He said no other commercial account manager has done that for him, and he was very thankful.”
– Cynthia Tejeda
Commercial Account Manager 4052

“My career at Pep Boys began more than 15 years ago. I was recruited out of school and had just graduated from of the automotive program at Pearl River Community College. It started when a service manager, who later hired me, walked into the shop I was working at and asked me if I could do alignments. I told him yes, and he handed me his business card and told me to come by and talk to him. He told me Pep Boys was a great company and had great benefits. Soon, I started as a base line mechanic with no certifications and worked my way up to master technician, then service manager. After a few years as service manager, I went back to being a master technician. I feel that is my true calling – to diagnose vehicles and mentor the next generation of technicians! After almost 17 years, I still believe that Pep Boys is a great company with great people working for them.”
– Kristen Norris
Master Technician at store 92

“My favorite thing about my job at Pep Boys is making friends. Customers who come back asking for me by name is my biggest reward. I believe in giving customers a sense of belonging and building relationships. I enjoy knowing that they’ll come back because I am their go-to mechanic.”
– Sean Collins
Master Technician at store 849

“My favorite thing about working here at Pep Boys is the opportunity to help someone. When customers come in to Pep Boys, they really need our help and something needs to be fixed. The fact that I help people really makes me feels good Whatever obstacles or stumbling blocks that are in their way, I help fix it. To see your customer come back in your store and personally thank you makes me feel good inside. I’m honored to be going into my seventh year of working with this company. Since starting here at Pep Boys in 2008, I’ve completed the Manager Development Program and have been promoted to retail manager. I’m also excited about The Road Ahead and the direction our company is heading in. It really says a lot about my future. It’s truly an honor and great privilege to be here.”
– Tyrone Green
Retail Manager at store 152

“I always knew I wanted work in the automotive repair industry. Before I worked at Pep Boys, I bounced around from shop to shop until I found myself with the competition across the street. I would always notice how clean and bright the Pep Boys shop was. Also, it was always busy and the associates seemed happy. I decided to apply at Pep Boys for a part-time installer position not knowing what the future had in store for me. That was almost 15 years ago. Because of the great people and excellent training, I’ve been able to achieve a master technician position and secure my future. I recommend that anyone who wants to work in the auto repair industry should give Pep Boys a try.”
– Gary Gray
Master Technician at store 376

I’ve been at Pep Boys for 17 years, and the safety that we offer our customers is a large part of what makes me so proud to work here. I like the fact that what our business does keeps people safe and it keeps their families safe. Because of my own family, I know how important it is to have a safe, operating car. What we’re doing here keeps that car moving and it keeps life moving, and I like to think that I play a big role in that, too.

My most memorable experience at Pep Boys happened after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  After the attack, a group of us worked together to send truckloads of generators, water, flashlights, batteries and anything else we thought could help up to the World Trade Center site to assist the emergency workers and the American Red Cross. The pride I felt in Pep Boys at that moment and how working on that project made me feel personally was one of the greatest experiences I’ve had in my 17-year career.

– Camille Fratanduono
AVP, Pricing